Saturday, 27 April 2013

What wine has joined together

Just arrived to Aachen, and before leaving Germany, I decided to visit for the fifth time the beautiful Charlemagne's Aqvisgrana.

Wrapping up my last week in Germany, it has been all about farewells. Many glasses have been lifted this week, to celebrate friendship and to express good wishes.

Despite the strength and the motivation, it is never easy to say 'bis bald'. At least not for me.

Since the age of 9 I have been moving, so you would think I am used to it. Well, maybe used is the word, but I do find it always, without exception, difficult.

When I first arrived to Germany, I knew not one person. I came to this place on my own and with not even an acquaintance, not to say a friend, so over the past seven years, I have met many people from scratch.

Wine has always been a great ally, and long lasting friendships have been forged under the warmth of a shared bottle of wine. It has given me the chance of meeting people of many nationalities and backgrounds, I have discovered and appreciated the diversity of our cultures and upbringings.

Through the wine shared, I have embraced our differences that make every experience more enriching and unique, I have learnt a lot through what many have very generously shared with me.

I have greatly enjoyed every moment spent together and I have become very fond of, now, very dear friends.

This morning when I loaded my car to start my journey home, it was not the only thing that felt heavy. My heart also does, it is overpacked with the love and the friendship you have given me. The demonstration of all those strong and assorted feelings I have received over the past few days, that have moved me to tears of overwhelming emotions.

Thank you for the friendship, for the presents, for the moments spent together and for the wine. It ha made every minute of the last seven years, worth living.

Bis bald my friends, stay in touch.

In Vino Veritas.


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