Friday, 3 May 2013

Sparkling, rose, red and white

"Life is about movement" and definitely about options.

Yesterday was a very special day, from start to end.

My stay in Belgium is resulting so pleasant, that I could not think of a better way of starting my official time off.

After leaving Germany and arriving to Belgium heavy hearted, it was kind of expected, that I needed some realisation time. My life in the last four months has been so hectic that little time was left to think ahead. I entered into the mechanical mode of resolving and closing a long list of 'to do' things that could just not be postponed. It was not a mater of importance, but of end date urgency.

The first couple of days, I felt a bit strange in my own skin, but as days pass by, the awareness after the numbness is making its way.

Wednesday was a crucial day, I woke up, not feeling my best, but clouds tend to fade when the sun shines, and my particular sun was shining for me with a kind smile and his soothing company.

After breakfast, a walk around the city of Antwerp in the best of companies, getting mixed impressions and not knowing how to interpret them, at the risk of making the wrong judgement. However, time usually brings the answer, and the evening arrived with a present for me: understanding. With everything falling into place and from the new perspective, it all has been about openings, personal growth and enhancement.

I must confess that not understanding has always been my Achilles heel, and despite of my recurring purpose of being accepting without the need of an explanation, I still have to work on that one, because there is a lot of room for improvement.

Thursday was one on the most pleasant days of my life. Dank U Peter, for showing me your beautiful hometown where Scheldt met Leie, Gent. Dank U for sharing the stories of the city and your own. It is such a luxury having the chance of visiting a place by the hand of a proud to be from Gent guide. Dank U for the lovely dinner with your family and for introducing me to 'the boys', your childhood friends. Each and every gesture has been a great honour and my great pleasure, and I know that every time anything Belgium related comes into my life, I will think of the week I spent here and the warm, friendly, belgian people I met. It was not needed, nor expected, however; it is greatly appreciated.

At times, life is so generous that you do not even have to choose, you can have a glass of each ;)


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