Thursday, 9 May 2013

Sauvignon Blanc, le Roi du Loire

Early morning in Orleans. Outside is windy and cold. The streets dressed in blazons to celebrate 'des fêtes de Jeanne d'Arc', the city patron. Entering the cathedral of Sainte Croix d'Orleans, the music from the organ fills the massive structure, full of light and beautifully decorated ready to celebrate the day of the ascension, the felling is overwhelming, the powerful sound of the organ invading everything, making the cathedral even more beautiful.

The visit to L'Hotel Groslot, across the street from the cathedral and a walk around the historic centre of Orleans, warmed up the eye for beauty.

Today ended up being a sightseeing day, but the Loire Valley, 'c'est quelque chose!' 

Driving along the Loire river from Orléans to Tours, the views of the river and the castles are magnificent. The massive but elegant tall structures cut the sky, presenting the viewer with something so full of taste and grandeur, that is difficult to remain indifferent. 

After a couple of deviations, the first stop was the (if I use the word beautiful again, it will loose its meaning) indescribable city of Blois, with its royal castle in the highest point. The castle is a masterpiece in the outside and the inside, the richly decorated façades have nothing to envy the refined decoration in the inside. It is so exquisite, that it has to be French. Spanish castles were known to be robust, but the refinement of these castles along the Loire are an allegory to elegance.

After the visit, a walk around the city and a scenic drive to my next stop: Amboise. I am afraid I will not do justice to the beauty of Amboise, but it was the afternoon and being a bank holiday today, it was packed. I tried to go into the castle, but was dissuaded by a never ending queue that makes any place worth visiting, loose its attractive. However, I opted for a walk outside the crowded touristic points and the word 'charmante' comes to my head.

My French is doing better than expected, although I keep practicing my German on a daily basis, I think I have spoken more German in the last few days, than any month of my life in Germany. Lo que son las cosas...

A tout à l'heure.

et... Santé!

Cathédrale Ste. Croix, Orléans 

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