Sunday, 19 May 2013

Au reboire Vin de France

Pas mal pour commencer la journée! 

Before crossing the Pyrenees, a visit to Carcassonne. The city looked nice, but nothing that special, until I saw the impressive view from below, of 'la cité'. Parked the car and started the ascension to the fortress like city. It was kind of funny to realise that I have never been good walking up hill, and after seven years in the flat (at least that) it has not changed.

Walking around before the opening times was kind of mysterious, the medieval look and the cold, windy, misty morning, did not make it pleasant, but interesting. The one thing that was open, was the basilica and an early mass was taking place, in what I kind of figured out was Languedoc. 

Time to continue the route through the kilometres and kilometres of vineyards of the south of France, drived past Languedoc-Roussillion, Aude, and briefly stop in the Fitou AC, curious about the bush trained vines, only to find out la Maison du Vin of Fitou is not open on Sundays. Now you know.

Direction Perpignan, the Pyrenees in the horizon and the Spanish border getting closer. It is a strange feeling of excitement, fear (?) about what will come next once I reach Galicia. Even though I am not worried and I have decided to take my time, the question-mark is in the back of my head, and I am curious. The road has given me good insight moments. I have sorted some pending issues on the way. I am learning a lot about wines, soils, winemaking... so it is all good. I am meeting and talking to very interesting people and specially, I am taking one moment at the time and savouring each and every one.

España! The weather in sunny Spain is terrible, the first kilometres are of storm rain and strong winds, temperature dropping to 11 degrees... But arriving to the outskirts of Barcelona, the sun was shining and the temperature, 20 degrees. Hello sun! long time, no see.

The joy did not last long, now it is rain and thunders, but I am here in the Priorat DOQ, in the province of Tarragona, surrounded by mountains and vineyards. My parents are here as well. I met them for an amazing late Spanish lunch at 16:00. Oh la la, la Espagne! We can really eat late lunch. Siesta is a cliche, but the tourism office here closes Sunday from 14:00 and Monday. How will I survive without my routine?

I will have to drink the great Priorat wines ;)


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