Sunday, 12 May 2013

Bordeaux, in the crescent moon (or the smile on my face)

I would have never guessed that arriving to Bordeaux was going to make me feel so happy. I am of the idea that Bordeaux wines are overrated, but seeing the city itself, I have to change my opinion and the simple fact of being produced close to this majestic town, justifies the price.

In a few minutes I will join a walking tour of the city, so before thinking ahead seeing, I can already say, the place is grand. It looks like a pampered miniature of the best Paris. 

The first thing I did, was to visit the tourism office (it is becoming a routine) and booked three excursions. A city tour for today, a full day visit to Saint Emilion, tomorrow and a full day visit to the Médoc: Margaux, Saint-Estephe and Pauillac AC (appellation contrôlée) on Tuesday. From there I will decide if I  prolong my stay or move on to the south of France. Nice wines over there as well. Oh dear, such a world of tastes and all at reach. One gets too ambitious and wants to see them all, and indeed, try them all. But again, life is about decision making and I will not escape this time.  

During lunch I started a conversation with a couple from Detroit. Linda and Robert had just arrived for a short stay in Bordeaux, and Robert said, that just for the glass of wine he had with his lunch, the trip was already worth it. Oh la la, wine lovers, we are joined by the pleasure of taste and indeed I cannot but agree with him. I had a glass of a long time friend, Château Bonnet, Entre Deux Mers, white Bordeaux. Délicieux, even more in situ. 

City tour. Mental reminder: do not do it again. I like much more walking without a direction or intention. Interesting though. After the tour I did a bit more of solo walking (I think I have been on my feet since 12:00) end ended up at the cathedral. For a minute I thought I was not going to visit a church! And this one, on top, was packed. Confirmation day. It was actually nice to see and listen, so I stayed for a while, faith still amazes me, but it is truth you can feel the strength and the sense of community inside a church full of people. 

18:30, it is cold (at least the wines in my boot will not suffer too much from abrupt changes of temperature, one has to always look at the positive side). Time to sit down and enjoy a glass of red Bordeaux, hey, that is what I am here for, right? Superb! Life is generous and I can only be grateful for that. 

Wine tip of the day: Château Lafont Fourcat 2009.

Merci et à votre santé! 

PS. Today I learnt that Bordeaux is at times represented by a crescent moon due to the shape of the Garonne river. 

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