Sunday, 25 August 2013

Life is good when you are having fun

and time also flies, so they say, and that is exactly how it feels.

A few months ago, it seemed this was going to be the longest summer ever, but when I look into the calendar (not that often) it is amazing to see we are reaching the end of the month of August. But I am still trying to shape my new shoes and ... Slow down, please!

This was another fantastic weekend at the beach. I haven't had many this year, despite of being so close, but got many things to do. I insist.

A friend visited Galicia some days ago and I was sad and disappointed (without being sure that is the word) not to see him. I do not know, but I think I would have made the effort if it would have been the other way around. However, life has is surprises, and while 'mourning' my friend, a very distant and very young relative, of identical name, made his appearance in my life.

What I thought at first it would be a courtesy, turned out to be an extremely pleasant time with a very young person and early wine lover. 

The last few days I have enjoyed the nice, easy going, personality of the 'snake charmer' and had the great opportunity to review my wine knowledge thanks to his never-ending questions regarding wine.

It is actually so stimulating to find young people so eager to know and learn. Yes, I must say he did find my Achilles' heel and I have to thank him for the four days of good conversation, food and wine.

Looking back, the weekend started off by meeting my business partner (to be) and unleashing our thoughts and dreams, deciding to meet again in a week-time to lay down our ideas and build up our business plan. 

Driving, on Monday, my good friends Nacho and Yeni to Porto to catch the flight that would take them to the Salzburg Festival, where they were going to see, life, Bartoli's Norma (yes, I am jealous. Very) and taking a day off in Porto, visiting a winery, buying a vintage Kopke 'Colheita 1983' and walking around that, very close to my heart, city.

View of the Ribeira from Vila Nova de Gaia

My new 'baby'

On Tuesday, a very domestic day. Getting finally sorted my Internet at home was a top priority. One cannot inhabit the XXI Century without having decent Internet, whatever it takes. So I had to install a parabolic antenna at home in order to get something like broad band Internet. And it seems it works! Good.

Wednesday, time to go to the beach and the goal; to stay until the weekend. I took Rodrigo along and it was (please, excuse the capital letters) SO NICE, that time just flew. 

'Cloudy Thursday' took us to Viana do Castelo, where I had the chance to discover another lovely Portuguese town. I had been before, several times, to the 'citania' visiting Santa Luzia, the last time with Erin at the Pousada, having lunch before driving her to Porto airport, but never to the historic centre, and I must say it is 'quelque chose'. 

I had a great time discovering the town at the same time I was discovering Rodrigo, and laughing and enjoying just the fact of being there.

Viana do Castelo (I had to wait for a good five minutes to take this picture 'tourist-free')

Friday, time to visit a piece of heaven on earth. Roberto,the vineyard manager, kindly offered to show us the vineyards of 'Altos de Torona', a one-hundred hectare vineyard in Tomiño. At 17:00 (not so) sharp we were there to see the vineyards planted on the Rosal sky top. Jose gave us an extensive explanation about the terroir of this heavenly grape paradise. That night, Rodrigo and I shared a bottle of their young red wine. Very good. 

Altos de Torona vineyards in Vilarchan, Tomiño. (DO Rias Baixas)

Saturday, we spent a beach afternoon at the Cies Islands, dreaming about sailing and diving the oceans and then to Salvaterra do Miño, to attend their annual wine fest. Good company and good wine. Life is good.

Sunday: a 25+ bright sun day at the beach, and time for me to drive back to Ourense, and for Rodrigo to continue his journey. On our way, the 'vuelta ciclista' near Tui, and a brief farewell in Valença with the best wishes for a good stay in Portugal and a very business constructive week for me in Ourense.

Now, listening to Cecilia's 'Norma', drinking Grüner Veltliner and writing this entry. An ode to music, wine, beauty and friendahip.

Salud, and all the best to you.

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