Saturday, 7 September 2013

Entre copas

The title of this entry is "Entre copas", although it really has nothing to do nor it is inspired by the film I have not yet watched, but I guess it is between glasses that my most memorable life experiences take place.

The day started out covered with clouds and the temperatures have dropped way to many degrees. I am just not ready for the autumn to start, however; this last weeks it has been so dramatically evident time, seasons, years... life! goes by so fast one has to do a conscious stop in order to realise. So wanting to hold to the summer is just as utopical as thinking way back I would always be twenty.

One day you are young, so full of life and dreams and curiosity, eager for adventures, for challenges, for life lessons, where the world is your game board and infinite is the limit, however; the next time you look, twenty years have passed and you have barely realised. "Where did the time go?" you ask yourself and when you think about it, you gain full awareness of all the things you have had the time to do.

I do not know if anyone has the life at forty he dram at twenty, but my feeling is more and more that life, like Lennon's song, "is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans". So why not embrace it and let it flow. For sure the ride would be much more pleasant and worry-free. However (and this is just a wild guess) I guess this just goes against the planning human nature. 

I find myself at forty at the start of a new (is it accurate to call it "new" or is it just the continuation of?) life, I have left behind "my orderly life" and forbid myself, as always, to look back. I feel as alive and invincible as when I was twenty, but now I know better. It is not at all a bad "continuation point". Then again, someone who reminded me too much of myself and as young as I was twenty years ago came into my life and stirred up all these thoughts and feelings. It was like looking into a time mirror and recognising myself. Amusing and rewarding, it did put a smile in my heart and made me regain boldness, and made me wonder at what point of my way, had I discarded it. 

Rod, I have to thank you for your enthusiasm and positive energy, I am sure you will not miss the one you have left in Spain. You have more than enough for yourself and others, and you can just generate so much every day. A true donor. 

My business plan is shaping up, I have an enthusiastic and full of energy business partner who's business idea is so much in line with mine, that we are like mind-siamese, my two-year diploma studies will start soon, and "entre copa y copa" lots of things to be done and, I am already looking forward to looking back in twenty-year time to realise how far I have gotten on this path. Hopefully happily far, if not, I will for sure remember this time, when I felt like twenty again. 

That reminds me of another song that says: "sentir que es un soplo la vida, que veinte años no es nada", (to feel that one’s life is a twinkle, that twenty years is nothing) by Carlos Gardel.

This time I do want to dedicate this post to my, now, three boys. I love you dearly and I thank you for sharing your thoughts and dreams with me. To Pancho, Maww and Rod, all the best wherever you are, wherever you go, whatever you do. Keep me posted!


Good luck and many experiences in the new semester 

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